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The Tannery | New Lynn

Anchored in the belief that good things come in pairs, the establishment of Mt Atkinson Coffee’s New Lynn roastery breathed a second purpose into the existing Kohu Road Creamery. Named for the space’s historical intent, The Tannery gives guests the airy, modern experience of enjoying café fare in the middle of an operational roastery and ice cream factory.

High-studded ceilings and concrete floors give a casual elegance, bringing a refined edge to the ingrained West Auckland spirit of the place. The Tannery is a true lesson in contrasts: both large and intimate, light and moody, warm and fresh.

Area: 275 sqm
Location: New Lynn, Auckland
Date: October 2013
Photographer: Jeremy Toth

BEST Awards 2014 - Finalist Spatial (Hospitality)
RED Awards 2014 - Finalist

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