Material Creative

Local Cafe | Palmerston North

Operating a full-fledged café might not be on the annual plan for most real estate agencies, but when Property Brokers was casting the vision for their new Palmerston North hub, community was at the heart of the vision. Local Café emerged from a desire for this decades-old, family-owned business to create a friendly space for their neighbours and customers while showcasing the goodness of provincial New Zealand’s wares.

 Taking inspiration from the soft greens, deep blues and basalt greys that paint the region, Local offers regulars a cozy, familiar meeting place with a smart, fresh aesthetic. The theatre of the kitchen is busy all day behind frosted glass, as guests enjoy coffee in the morning, long business lunches and after work drinks.

Area: 100 sqm
Location: Palmerston North
Date: Janruary 2017
Photographer: N/A