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little nuffield


We were given a fantastic brief to create a unique cafe that was the heart and gemstone of Nuffield St. The cafe was to feel diverse, playful and welcoming. We sought out to capture peoples attention, and their imaginations.

The brief was to design the interior, logo, internal branding and signage which gave the opportunity to design a coherent project. Branding gravitated towards using geometric shapes and bright colours to create a unique vibrant feel and visually strong. This helped influence and shape the interior and signage

The budget was modest so we needed to be innovative with our use of materials. Palette crates were used for shelving and joinery, while roofing tin was an alternative to stainless steel. This allowed us to allocate funds to other elements such as the tiling, a key feature to tying in the branding with the fit-out. Plumbing were left exposed and painted with copper paint for an illusion of aged piping. The laser cut polystyrene sign is wrapped in coloured wool and hung so that it catches your eye as you enter the cafe.

It was important that the shopfront was distinct, but also provide privacy behind the coffee machine. Vinyl decal gave privacy and was an extension of the geometric shapes in the logo and created a 'peep hole' into the cafe after hours, that glowed with a pop of colour.

The store won silver at the 2012 BeST Awards , and won the nourishment catagory at the 2012 RED Interior Awards. (  

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